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Poster A3/A4 Abstract Galaxy Universe Red Purple Gold - ⚡️ pre order ⚡️

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🪐 Are you someone who likes to see art and doesn't always have to keep your feet on the ground? Then this poster with abstract galaxy print in red, purple, blue and gold is for you. The color transitions from red to dark purple are reminiscent of the universe or a beautiful sunset. The white and gold accents are like stars in the sky. A dreamy work that fits in every space 💫🌅.

Nice to hang as a wall decoration above your desk, in a photo frame or without, and ideal to transform a (dull white) wall into a mood board for inspiration and creativity . Because let's face it, a piece of art on your wall encourages you to create beautiful things yourself, right?

Available in A3 or A4 format and with or without white borders. The choice is yours.

These posters can only be ordered in pre-order for the time being. The delivery time after ordering is approximately 3 weeks. If you order your poster, we will of course keep you informed by email about the delivery and when you can expect your poster at home 🌈.

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