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Journal agenda 'Morning Notes' undated with prompts

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😶 Are you someone who likes to get up earlier in the morning to enjoy the silence and only then can you hear yourself think? Do you want to journal, but you never know where to start out of the blue? Or are you working on yourself, but could you use an extra loving support , a kind of low-threshold home coach?
For twelve weeks , this undated journal agenda is your new best friend to lovingly support your daily well-being, boost your motivation and guide you on your self-development journey.
The notebook helps you start your day with the right mindset by writing down what is important to you, from thinking and behavior patterns, gratitude exercises, to bubbling inspiration and bending possible obstacles... 🖊
📒 The notebook helps you find yourself thanks to journaling and gives you back control over how you start your day. So no longer reach for your phone when you wake up, but unleash your fresh brain in this journal agenda and focus on learning new habits and everything you want to achieve, today and tomorrow.
In the journal agenda you will find weekly pages with:
    • Monday - Sunday journal prompts
    • Exercises to set goals
    • Monthly Reviews
    • Inspirational Quotes
    • Mindful coloring pages - unleash the inner child in you 🎨
    • Gratitude Exercises
    • Three month review
    • Three months Gratitude reflection
    Are you someone who prefers to end the day in the evening by writing down all your thoughts? Be sure to check out our ' Mind Notes' journal book .
    Need extra prompts, questions or quotes? Or would you rather pull a card from a set to give you the message you need today? Be sure to check out our ' Mind Cards' card set.

    (The journal is in English)

    Specifications :
    • 192 pages
    • Three months undated (12 weeks)
    • White 100gsm paper

    14.8cm x 21cm x 1cm

    Net weight

    350 g

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