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Moss Wall Decoration Hexagonal Shape Panel Real Moss

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Bring greenery indoors with these hexagonal moss wall panels featuring real reindeer moss (no reindeer were injured for this collection 😉).

This green, sustainable wall decoration immediately attracts all the attention at your workplace and brings nature into your home. And extra greenery provides extra inspiration, tranquility and even acoustic damping!

The moss panel was made by hand from natural materials .

What is reindeer moss?
Reindeer moss is a type of moss that mainly occurs in Lapland. The name is derived from the shape of the plant that resembles deer antlers. It is also often the staple food of the reindeer . Makes sense, right?!

The moss needs no care. So no watering is necessary! The moss remains alive and green for years. This way you can enjoy an inspiring moss wall on the wall, even in the smallest rooms with little daylight, without having to put in much effort.

How to assemble
The oak frame was handmade by a traditional carpentry workshop in the Netherlands. The hexagonal moss panels are extremely modular . You can make your moss wall as large or as subtle as you want. Hang the panels with the supplied adhesive tape , next to each other, above each other, separately... Unleash your creativity. You can quickly complete your indoor garden in your office without drilling .

Acoustic effect & safety

Did you know that a moss wall has an acoustic effect ? This is because the branched structures of the moss absorb the sound . An asset if you want to work from home in peace. The hexagonal moss panels are not only a real mood lifter, but also have - literally - a calming effect . The materials are pre-treated with a flame- retardant spray and can therefore be used in any room, from your home office to the smallest room.

For 1m2 we advise you to buy 6 panels.


22 cm diameter

Net weight


  • Oak
  • Preserved Reindeer Moss

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