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Card set 'Mind Cards' for journalling & affirmations

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💆 Do you sometimes need extra support on your personal journey? Do you sometimes find it difficult to journal without preconceived questions ? Or do you like to draw a card every day with an inspiring text, a motivational exercise or an in-depth question? This 'Mind Cards' card set guides you one step further through life every day.

The 45 cards are divided into 5 themes and help you to explore your own thoughts and feelings more deeply. This gives you more control over your own happiness, spreads positivity and increases your self-knowledge throughout your day and life.

How to use:

Shuffle the card set before your first use. Choose a (fixed) moment throughout your day when you can free up a few minutes for yourself undisturbed . Draw a card at random or just take the top one from the deck. Choose the card that appeals to you the most today.

Read the action or text and do it right away - possibly use in combination with one of our journal diaries, Morning Notes for early birds, or Mind Notes to end the day.

Contents of the card set:
45 individually designed cards in a beautiful box with lid. The cards are divided into the following 5 categories:

Kindness - Random acts of kindness make other people happy, but they can also boost your own mood. Each kindness card describes a different action you can take to make the world a lot nicer for everyone. Change the world, one smile at a time.

Ritual - Incorporating rituals into your daily life can be very beneficial to your well-being. Rituals help you slow down and connect with your actions in a world where we're so used to running from here to there and where to-do lists get longer every day. Each ritual card describes a different short activity that you can incorporate as a ritual into your daily routine.

Gratitude - Make time to reflect on life - what you do have instead of what you don't have - and think about the little things that make your day and your life beautiful. Gratitude cards help remind you to pay attention to the little things every day to create more overall happiness. Each card contains a different exercise in gratitude to practice a new way of gratitude every day.

Journal - Writing down every day what you do, what lives inside you and where your thoughts are going can be a powerful way to chart your own life and personal journey. With the journal cards you no longer have to think about what you actually want to know about yourself. Just answer today's question on your card (and write it down in your matching journal diary, if any).

Reflection - Take 10 minutes out of your day to reflect on the quote on the card you drew. Think about how it applies to your life in the present and where the underlying meaning in your life can play a role.

Does a card pass a second time? Then think about whether you would answer them in a different way or whether it would trigger something different compared to the first time. Because we humans are constantly evolving and that makes us just as unique.

(The maps are in English)

Are you someone who prefers to write down in the morning with fresh eyes what the day may bring you? Be sure to check out our ' Morning Notes' journal book .

Are you someone who prefers to end the day in the evening by writing down all your thoughts? Be sure to check out our ' Mind Notes' journal book .


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