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Plant Hanger Tree Frog Gold (10g)

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🌱 Green plants in the office provide fresh air, more concentration and extra creativity . But what if you want to go a little further? This acrobatic tree frog is happy to accompany you at the office or at your workplace 🐸. A sample of subtle office decoration!

This plant accessory is a pendant to hang from your favorite green friend. The pendant is light as a feather (weighs barely 10g) and can be hung on any stem, without your plant being bothered by it or bending the stem.

Carefully fold the hands and hang your animal wherever you want. Because a plant can also use a pet 😉.

Collect the entire plant gang to furnish your office or workplace:

Bush Baby • Chameleon • Flying Squirrel • Fox • Frog • Fruit Bat • Koala • Meerkat • Monkey • Orangutan • Owl • Pangolin • Parrot • Praying Mantis • Raccoon • Sloth • Snake • Squirrel • Lemur • Chimpanzee

(we don't always have everything in stock, if you see your favorite animal in between but not in our webshop, send us an email and we'll order it for you)


148mm high x 52mm wide

Net weight

10 g

Product Description

The plant hanger is made of a feather-light material.



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