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MADE TO ORDER -Ergonomic Seat Ball Design - Color & Size To Order

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We do not always have all sitting balls in stock. Do you want a model that is unfortunately sold out at the moment? View the possible colors and sizes of the ergonomic sitting ball below. Let us know via which one you think fits perfectly in your office or workplace and we will order it for you!

Sizes :

- regular (you measure between 1m55-1m85/desk height 70cm-76cm)

- xl (you are taller than 1m85/desk height higher than 76cm)

Prices :

- regular = € 179.99 - free shipping

- xl = € 199.99 - free shipping

- limited edition = €299.99 for regular, €319.99 for xl - Free Shipping

Delivery time is about 2-3 weeks.

Product Description


The Bloon Paris brand presents : the "inflated" designer chair that improves your posture!

The ideal combination between design and well-being . The Bloon sitting ball was designed by osteopath and designer Thomas de Lussac to fit into any interior, office and home workplace. Whether you're working at the kitchen table or on the move, the ergonomic chair helps you improve your posture.

The sitting ball is handmade in Portugal in a very resistant quality fabric and is meticulously cared for and neatly finished. The quality and design are just dripping.

The sitting ball is very light and can be moved from one room to another with one hand thanks to the sturdy 360° carrying system, a belt that, in addition to convenience, also gives the sitting ball extra design allure.

The anti-roll system on the underside of the sitting ball is patented : thanks to the weighted and non-slip base , the makers created a rollover effect, where the ball always rolls back to the base, so you are always on the right side and you cannot slip while you are working.

At the bottom of the ball is the inflation valve , where you can adjust the hardness and height of your sitting ball yourself for a perfectly adapted office chair.

The BLOON ergonomic ball chair consists of:

- a cover made of ultra-resistant polyester and certified by the Oeko-Tex 100 label. Stain resistant, removable and machine washable (at 30°).

- an inflatable balloon made of high density, resistant and anti-burst polyvinyl chloride without phthalate (PVC). (Swiss Ball, Gym Ball, Small Ball or Gym Ball type)

- a hand pump and an inflation set

A word of explanation from the osteopath.

Gym ball, office chair, booster seat, design object... the use of the BLOON sitting ball is versatile!

What is certain is that regular use of the BLOON ergonomic ball seat contributes to muscle strengthening and the prevention of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs):

- strengthening the deep muscles: thanks to the micro-stabilization movements performed when you sit on a BLOON sit ball, you train your supporting muscles (abs, glutes, back) and strengthen your frame for a more toned silhouette.

- reduction of the harmful effects of prolonged sitting : sitting for hours on an office chair, however ergonomic, does not cost muscles and puts pressure on the spine and intervertebral discs, which almost inevitably leads to pain in the spine. The dynamic nature of the BLOON spherical seat helps to reduce stress on the spine by avoiding static and helping to maintain good posture.

- dynamic sitting : yes, working on a BLOON office chair requires more effort than sitting on a chair, but you have to see it from the positive side: better blood circulation , more calories burned per day and you don't stop exercising! If necessary, alternate with your seat for optimal comfort.

Kevin Rayess, Osteopath DO


- Diameter Ø 65 cm
- Ergonomic seat developed by an osteopath DO
- Elegant and refined design (by Thomas de Lussac)
- Designed in Paris and handmade in Portugal.
- Ultra resistant and anti-burst (max. load: 150 kg)
- Anti-slip weighted base, guaranteed anti-rolling (patented innovation)
- 360° handle strap for easy transport
- Anti-stain cover, removable and washable
- Pump included
- 2 year warranty


Diameter: Ø65CM

Net weight



PVC Phthalate Free Balloon
Polyester cover (Machine wash 30°)"


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